Organisational support includes:

Big Picture provides one-to-one and group support to enhance capacity of staff members to critically reflect on work practices. The support also focuses on building; resilience, competency and team cohesion. Our approach to providing external support is based, initially, on relationship. To critically reflect on work practice takes courage and a level of honestly that needs to be built on trust between the person giving support and the person receiving it. A learning environment will be created that unearths tacit knowledge resulting in staff becoming their own experts, albeit able to draw on a number of resources (including people) when they need them.

Organisations are continually changing, which can be challenging for the team. Big Picture provides an holistic approach to managing change that values the process, people and culture to embed a balanced outcome for the organisation and staff.

Big Picture will work with the team to develop work practices in line with national and international policy. We will help deconstruct policy so that it can be appropriately applied on a day-to-day basis.

We work with teams to innovate new practice than builds on existing knowledge while supporting meaningful planning processes.

Big Picture has a proven track record innovating, developing, quality assuring and facilitating personal development and skills building training programmes. We have also led the development of a number of high quality and evidence based projects related to social justice issues for organisations in Ireland, Kenya and Tanzania.

Big Picture facilitate meetings and events for a range of organisations including philanthropic, government and community. We also provide support to plan and structure events/meetings to ensure effective outcomes and results.

Working with organisations to gather and analyse information to enhance their understanding of the people they work with, the context they work in and the best way to meet emerging needs. Big Picture can help to you to build an evaluation framework as part of your programme design or we can be the independent voice after you have completed your work.

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