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Resilience + Innovation

Big Picture (Consultancy) was set up in 2011 to provide support and (encouraging) challenge to organisations, communities and individuals to reach for their potential, goals and dreams. Over the years we’ve learned that Resilience + Innovation are two key factors to facilitate sustained changed, which, we believe, leads to transformation. As B.K.S Iyengar quote suggests, the only way to achieve transformation is through practice.

Whether it’s with the individual or the organisation, our work focuses on exploring emerging issues and/or challenges with our clients, while allowing space for reflection. Too often we complain that we do not have ‘enough time’ to spend reflecting because our jobs or lives are way too busy for that. But, investing time, at regular intervals, in personal or team development is proven to make for a more enjoyable way to experience life and/or work within organisations.

Exploring our vulnerability, embracing change and communicating our needs are key skills to bring about positive change. Working with Big Picture will afford you the opportunity to explore how you and/or your team are going to integrate resilience and compassion into your daily routines, while also developing innovative ways to tackle presenting challenges.

Using a partnership approach, Big Picture will work with you to build new tools, unearth tacit knowledge and identify the necessary supports for you and/or your organisation to become your own expert.

Big Picture is relaunching after eight years of focusing primarily on building Mojo –Creating Male Space, an organisation that helped men (‘at risk’ of suicide) to help themselves. Based on Mojo’s evidence based tools, processes and training programmes, organisations continue to support men in South Dublin, Kildare and Offaly. The lessons gained (some of them tested our resilience and required lots of innovation) has equipped us with new knowledge that we can share with other individuals and organisations. Together with working on Mojo, Big Picture also worked on a number of other projects that were developed to bridge the gap in service access and provision across a number of social justice issues.

We are passionate about building new practice that provides more opportunity for those in communities who are traditionally underserved.

Sharing our learning and exploring new possibilities is done with groups and individuals using our bespoke tools and person centred approach.

One of the things we strive to do is to “be the change you wish to see in the world” (some attribute this to Mahatma Gandhi); when we struggle to do that we lean into our challenges and use our tools to show up the best way we can.

I look forward to working alongside you.

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