“Derek is a highly skilled facilitator who has the capacity to work at both an individual and group level on a range of issues related to equality, community development, social inclusion and strategy. Derek has excellent active listening skills and can really hear where an individual and/or group are at; asking the important and sometimes challenging questions that can lead to excellent learning and development for the individual, the group and where relevant the organisation.”

Siobhán O’ Reilly, Familibase

Ballyfermot Centre for Children, Young People and Families Ltd

“Derek is a dynamo to work with. He exudes energy and passion for the work he does and, through the development and delivery of Mojo Men, he has literally saved lives. He combines his personable approach and excellent people skills with a rigorous intellect, capable of deep analysis and considered reflection. This combination makes him an asset from research and design right through to delivery and review. Moreover, Derek has an appetite for continuous improvement and learning, for his clients, his projects and himself.”

Carol Conway, Chair, Mojo Men

“Derek McDonnell’s Equality Training workshops are challenging, informative and thought-provoking. You always go from one of his sessions questioning yourself and your attitudes but also inspired for future work.”

Diarmaid de Paor, Deputy General Secretary, ASTI

“Derek has worked with The Dales doing team development work for the last four years. His process is very much experiential, based on real examples of emerging challenges for our team.  It is obvious that Derek is passionate about facilitating our team to be cohesive and dynamic as he continues to support us to continuously reflect on work practices in order to provide the best possible service for service users and  families affected by addiction in Dublin 17. “

Dermot Gough, General Manager, The Dales

“Derek was employed as a consultant by Shine to support the development of a family recovery support group model. He is a very dynamic and creative individual who has the ability to motivate even the most resistant individual. Derek’s innovative approach to programme design was the catalyst that contributed to our National Family Recovery policy. I would highly recommend Derek for further projects.”

Susan McFeely, National Team Leader, Shine

A series of testimonials from a group of male and female students we worked with

Derek, firstly thank you so much for pushing & directing me to belong. It has been a life-altering experience. You’re so kind, funny and easy to talk to. Thank you for everything and I hope we are able to stay in touch. I will be back to Dublin.

You’ve helped me out more than you know. I have never opened up to that in a group and definitely wouldn’t have without the setting and environment you’ve created.

A fun teacher knows how to connect with people and make us feel at company.

You are exactly what this group needed whether we know it or not. You handle people beautifully, gracefully and with so much genuine care. Thank you for being here with us.

You don’t realise the true impact you’ve had on me. Thank you for pulling me out of my darkest place one week. Talking to you really made all the difference for me.

You helped all of us get in touch with our emotions and it’s helped bring us closer as a group. You are able to make such a huge difference in peoples lives. You’re doing great things and will continue to do so.

You are so intelligent, the most inspiring person I know.

Trusting in the process was a challenge and well worth it.

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