Big Picture provides therapeutic and life skills support for individuals and groups who want to make changes. The support focuses on the future, identifying goals and exploring solutions. We will work together to figure out how to manage life’s challenges, rather than just focusing on the problem being experienced. Although, we may explore past challenges to see how they are affecting you now.

Some people may need support making a decision about their career, or how to manage conflict in a relationship. Others might want to explore certain behaviours that are unhelpful, or get an understanding of why they feel a certain way. Whatever your reason for accessing support, the aim is to learn new skills and tools to manage the challenges that life so often throw us.

Through a series of sessions (6 to 10), Big Picture will work with you to become your own expert who is more resilient and more knowledgeable about how and where to access support, when needed. The work we do together will not stop life challenging you, but it will help you feel more able to deal with issues as they emerge.

Importantly, the process will prepare you for the next challenge when it comes along.

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